Overall the year has shown a lessening of new DC52 sales, with the exception of the Death of the Family and Forever Evil. Whereas Marvel is finally climbing back from their not so great relaunch.

DC is still fine though, they just settled a bit, and of course their commanding graphic novel and hardcover sales ranks one in the industry. Marvel even though rebounding, are not at their pre-relaunch levels. Age of Ultron was a decent hit for Marvel, but not much else stood out. Marvels movies are definetly helping sales, but marginally. A surge in good Independant reading is the story of 2013. Avatars God is Dead and Uber, various Image like Jupiters Legacy, SAGA lead the way in increased sales and demand. Afterlife with Archie is a nice surprise as well.


MODERN 1984-2009:

Not much ever to say since it is a flat line in sales with few exceptions.

The best in sales must be G.I.Joe and Transformers from the 1980’s, and anything Batman. I should mention New Mutants #86-100, especially #86,87,98, as these books are severely undervalued key books of the new age. New Mutants #98 listing at $25 for a NM- is a steal!

I suspect early Vertigo like Swamp Thing #19 up, Sandman, Y the Last Man, and so on, with potential TV shows or movies, these 20-30 year old fantastic titles will gain demand as well.


The early 1980’s low print DC’s are a great investment and are going on 30 years!  Actually, most mainstream of any title is found quite low in cost here and readily available in high grade. And they are all verging on 30-40 years of age! Worthwhile if not CGC’d, especially anything DC like Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman or JLA!  This niche in the market is going to be so hot in the next w\few years, you had better get your Sgt.Rock, JLA, WW, Flash, GL, Worlds Finest to name just the few. These low print diamonds in the ruff will explode in value due to scarce runs. And they are currently 30+ years old.


OK! Neal Adams!  Get anything this amazing artist ever did. You will see soon enough a genuine scarcity and increased value for anything this genius ever did. Its already happening. Aside from obviously high sales of Adams, most DC horror and WAR titles lead the pack after Batman, DET, and Spidey. Marvel minor keys like Mystique in Ms.Marvel, or Hulk 141 and so on are very affordable, and many investors are clamoring for anything key and cheap.

1960’s MARVEL:

Always sells, always will, most copies fly in most grades. Name most anything and it sells. Fantastic Four #1-50 are my toughest requests to fill. Minor keys of any kind are requested alot since the big keys are out of reach for the many.

1960’s DC:

far less key comics than the Marvel titles of the same time period, but what keys there are, like Detective #369 or Wonder Woman #159 or Green Lantern #40 are far more affordable. Many early Neal Adams is still under the radar and cheap, especially compared to Green Lantern#76. JLA is going to explode very very soon. Watch out for that. If the upcoming movie has even half the quality of Batman 2, Brave and the Bold #28-30 and JLA#1-10 will disappear everywhere.

1960’s Other:

My best sales are all TV or movie related, especially westerns! Yes, I said westerns! Lone Ranger,  Bonanza et al sell here quite well, although mostly in high grade. I sold 2 complete sets of Wagon Train alone! Disney’s Ducks are slower this year but the Classics Illustrated are doing better. Original Charltons do well, especially Ditko.


many will try to sell you on CGC, signature series, using online companies that analyse current sales and values, to invest your money. For me, if you can grade, and the book is in front of you, its the best way to buy a big book. If online, I must suggest a CGC copy. I think lowly of selling signatures, and having a raw book signed at a convention is the best way to go. Using an evaluator thats online has its merits, but to be honest, it makes little sense to me. If you are an investor and lover of comics, a spike in value over Overstreet, because of a movie rumor, is fine if the book is a real minor value or key, like Rocket Racoon in GOGalaxy movie. That can help alot, though once you see the surge, it will keep skyrocketing, until you foolishly overspend, then, to your dismay, you notice a couple years later, the value and demand subsided so much, you lost in the end. If you are smart, you collect ahead of the rumors, buy what you enjoy.