2015 brought a major crossover SEcret wars.SEcret wars had two purposes, first was to end the unsuccessful MARVEL NOW (Marvel’s bad attempt to compete with DC’s N52). Second. was to creat a way to bring the many marvel univeses together (similar to DC”s Crisis).  It had some ok stories, though mostly bad but the one good thing about it was it ended the MARVEL NOW and usured in th new relaunch of Marvel in November 2015.  Most of the reluanuches had been met with decent favour.  For example All-New, All-Different Avengers introuduces a younger team different from former Avengers line-up such as Miles Morales from the Ultimate Spider-man.  Maybe this will save the X-tiltles which plummeted in sales during MARVEL NOW.  Jessica Jones and Daredevil Netflix tv series is surprisingly well done.  Deadpool obviously is getting more and more attention as the movie gets closer to the opening.


2015 The major event was Convergence which end purpose was the updating and ending of old “Earth” characters and parrell “Earths” for future events to come.  The biggest sales of all 2015 is DKIII and Batman Europa.  DC’s N52 continues to shine with mostly successful well written stories such as Wonder Woman, All the Batman titles.  Harley Quinn sells through the roof in any formate.  Expect the new DC movies Suicide Squad and BAtman/Superman to be a breath of fresh air.  The new Supergirl tv series is well done and decent.  Expect major attention given to DC’s other tv projects such as PREACHER.



2015 Garth Ennis’s war stories and tales sells well with any publisher.  Walking Dead is sagging slightley (no surprise).  Sega sells awesome in trade form (Highly Recommended).  Anything Jeff Lemire trade or comic sells extremely well.  Biggest disappointment on the Indie scene is anything done by Alan Moore especially at Avatar sells poorly.  All Avatar sales are slipping because of Garth Ennis.  Mark Millar’s books are well written and illustrated although come out slowly, but worth the wait.  Also We STand on Gurad by Image sold extremely well.  Other big disappoointment in sales is the ccompany Valiant,  I saw this because the have decent stories, decent art and great characters, but something is missing unlike the 90’s (BWS, SHOOTER, the driving force behind those great 90s books).



Many, many, companies are finally publishing decent material for the younger age.  Titles like Invader Zim, My LIttle Pony, various Disney, Peanuts, and various Marvel and DC’s.  The only problem I have is past juvinille ages 9-12 you cant sell them any Marvel(very not appropriate) You cant sell them any all ages (too juvinille) You can sell some adult DC (mature, intelligent, responsible comics), but other than that there is no other comics.



MODERN 1984-2015:

Many key’s from this age are extremely hot.  X-factor 6 24, Swamp THing 37, Spider-man 361, Tales Tenn Titans 44, Wolverine limited mini.  Anything Vertigo especially Preather, anything Harley Quinn or Deadpool and Batman: Dark Knight Returns.  This is the new age of collecting hot bed so many high desireable keys are low valued unlike the Silver and Bronze Age.  For normal back issues the 1980’s DC’s (low pirint runs such as WW, GL, FLASH, Anything BATMAN, JLA and so on)  Amazing Spider-man and Peter Parker are in demand. For Indies TMNT is the hottest of them all.



The early 1980’s low print DC’s are a great investment and are going on 30 years!  AS said in Modern it is still a DC period to buy with the exception of Star Wars.  For DC the hottest would have anything to do with Teen Titans and JLA.  Coinciding with Disney’s new movies, everyone wantsthe original stuff especilly issues 1-4, 42-44, 68, 81 107.



OK! Neal Adams!  Get anything this amazing artist ever did. You will see soon enough a genuine scarcity and increased value for anything this genius ever did. Its already happening. Aside from obviously high sales of Adams, most DC horror and WAR titles lead the pack after Batman, DET, and Spidey. Marvel minor keys like Mystique in Ms.Marvel, or Hulk 141 and so on are very affordable, and many investors are clamboring for anything key and cheap.


1960’s MARVEL:

Always sells, always will, most copies fly in most grades. Name most anything and it sells. Fantastic Four #1-50 are my toughest requests to fill. Minor keys of any kind are requested alot since the big keys are out of reach for the many.

1960’s DC:

far less key comics than the Marvel titles of the same time period, but what keys there are, like Detective #369 or Wonder Woman #159 or Green Lantern #40 are far more affordable. Many early Neal Adams is still under the radar and cheap, especially compared to Green Lantern#76. JLA is going to explode very very soon. Watch out for that. If the upcoming movie has even half the quality of Batman 2, Brave and the Bold #28-30 and JLA#1-10 will disappear everywhere.

1960’s Other:

My best sales are all TV or movie related, especially westerns! Yes, I said westerns! Lone Ranger,  Bonanza et al sell here quite well, although mostly in high grade. I sold 2 complete sets of Wagon Train alone! Disney’s Ducks are slower this year but the Classics Illustrated are doing better. Original Charltons do well, especially Ditko.


Many will try to sell you on CGC, signature series, using online companies that analyse current sales and values, to invest your money. For me, if you can grade, and the book is in front of you, its the best way to buy a big book. If online, I must suggest a CGC copy. I think lowly of selling signatures, and having a raw book signed at a convention is the best way to go. Using an evaluator thats online has its merits, but to be honest, it makes little sense to me. If you are an investor and lover of comics, a spike in value over Overstreet, because of a movie rumor, is fine if the book is a real minor value or key, like Rocket Racoon in GOGalaxy movie. That can help alot, though once you see the surge, it will keep skyrocketing, until you foolishly overspend, then, to your dismay, you notice a couple years later, the value and demand subsided so much, you lost in the end. If you are smart, you collect ahead of the rumors, buy what you enjoy.